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We've had a good time discussing satellites on and off for a while now. India's satellite program in general. And GSAT 16 in particular.

This was prompted by the recent news that the 2nd raising manoeuvre of GSAT 16 took place on Dec-9.


Here are some notes.


India's satellite program

GSAT-16 was launched as part of the INSAT program. INSAT stands for Indian National Satellite System.

INSAT is a series of geostationary satellites that that ushered in, and fulfilled the demand of the telecommunications, TV and radio broadcasting, and meteorological sectors.

This is different from India's other major satellite program - IRNSS - Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System.

INSAT is launched by ISRO.

Read more: "GSAT-16 and INSAT"

We sky gazed on Aug-17. We saw Mars, and the ecliptic. We did this on the ipad :)